Bio Channel

Designed to Perform Like A Champion.

  • Steel-encased sleepers anchored to concrete substrate for unsurpassed stability and dead-spot reduction.
  • Bio-Channel Classic offers the industry’s first shimmable anchored-resilient sleeper designed to counteract the effects of uneven concrete. (See Robbins Dealer for costs and details.)
  • Engineered sleepers float inside a steel channel resting upon a 7/16" (11mm) resilient EPDM rubber Bio-Padâ„¢, for shock absorption, lateral movement and dimensional stability.
  • Continuous plywood subfloor enhances system strength and uniformity.
  • Continuous Strip® XL Maple adds strength and provides a floor that can last up to 10 years longer than antiquated random-length strip.

The Stability of An Anchor, The Comfort of Resilient Pads, The Reliability of Robbins.

Bio-Channel by Robbins.

  • The original anchored-resilient floor, and still the high-performance sports surface without equal.
  • Unsurpassed structural and dimensional stability.
  • Ultimate in uniform performance with ZERO dead spots—Guaranteed.
  • New innovative design “fine-tuned” to enhance comfort and safety.