Mach I

Anchored-Resilient Performance In Less Time

  • Patented Bio-Cradle subfloor assembly incorporates low-profile, wide-body components, anchored uniformly to concrete substrate for unsurpassed stability using Robbins patented Posi-Anchorâ„¢ system.
  • Bio-Cradle subfloor assembly is fully supported by Robbins exclusive 7/16" (11mm) resilient EPDM Bio-Pad,â„¢ for consistent shock absorption in changing environmental conditions.
  • Continuous Strip® XL Maple adds strength and provides a floor that can last up to 10 years longer than antiquated random-length strip.
  • Can be modified for extreme weight loads. See Mach l HL.

A Family of Floors Designed for Fast Installation and Great Value.

Mach l by Robbins: A superior combination of high performance
and value designed for most indoor activities.

  • Robbins “Bio-Cradle®” technology is the heart of the Mach l Design—unique, patented innovation accelerates the installation of the subfloor by up to 50% and provides the owner a high-performance, shock absorbing floor system in less time.
  • Prefabricated sub-floor panels remove the potential for error in jobsite-assembled alternatives.
  • Bio-Cradle assembly uses less material to manufacture, making you a good steward of our natural resources.