• Engineered continuous subfloor for dimensional stability.
  • Subfloor supported by resilient EPDM Bio-Padsâ„¢, for long-term shock absorption and vibration control through changing environmental conditions.
  • EPDM Bio-Pads are available in several configurations and designs to “tune” the floor system to your desired level of shock absorption.
  • Sportwood surface is assembled with genuine,
    edge-grain cut, Northern Hard Maple—the preferred surface for basketball, volleyball and other indoor sport activities.
  • Sportwood Ultra Star is DIN-certified and exceeds all six DIN 18032-2 criteria for ball bounce, shock absorption, deflection, area of deflection, rolling load and surface friction.
  • Subfloor supported and cushioned by Robbins’ Zero/Gâ„¢ Shockpad, providing consistent support, shock absorption and uniform ball bounce.